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Public speaking to inspire and motivate.


Dealing with a hostile audience.

Are poor presentations having a negative effect on your business?

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  • A second chance to make a first impressionPublished on Tue, 4/07/2013

    In 1982 there were 116 web pages in the world. Today the world wide web is being added to at a rate of 100,000 pages per second. Web Video is now a key influence in the B2B world and more and more people expect to see and hear you long before they meet you...    more


  • sell the sizzle not the sausagePublished on Mon, 3/08/2013

    Even the best products need a little hype...but how do you differentiate your offering from the competition? More importantly, how do you present it in a memorable and inspiring way. In this article we learn from the great orators, Mark Anthony, Plato, David Brent and that fellow who stood on the Berlin Wall and told the world he was a doughnut.   more

LEARN the obama secret

Yes he's a great orator, and yes he's charismatic, but he wasn't born with it. He's got a good team of speech writers - but so did Richard Nixon. So what is it that fires people up when Barack Hussein Obama speaks?




Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.

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